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Annual Review 2017

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We are very pleased to be able to share the Jo Walters Trust Annual Review from 2017. As in other years, we are keen to be as transparant as possible so have shared it in its entirety. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us through


We have made a number of exciting grants in 2016/17, totalling £28,210, notably continuing the Feedback Madagascar support as well as continuing sending children on outward bound projects with the Outward Bound Trust. It was the first year in which our Maths grants registered in the financial statements, and we have continued with our annual Aberdeenshire grants. Please read more about the grants we have made on our grants pages here.


Fundraising was particularly successful in 2016/17, and including a sponsored swim from Arran to Troon which raised over £22,000 to be split between the Jo Walters Trust and the RNLI, and another Jo Walters Trust St Andrew's Ball in November 2016 raising a fantastic £11,000. As always, we are very proud that the trust runs with virtually no overheads, and practically all the money raised goes only to making grants. The only costs incurred are in the purchase of stock to sell (trading activities), or in putting on fundraising events (payments related to charitable activities). We continue to invest any funds that not currently allocated to projects with Oikocredit, a microfinance organisation that helps develop micro businesses around the world. To date we have received a 2% return on these funds each year, meaning our money is not just growing, but is also working hard to help people in Jo's name.

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