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2016 Aberdeenshire Grants

This year, the Jo Walters Trust decided to focus its Aberdeenshire grants on an area which has previously produced some very successful projects from our grants, education in the outdoors. We called for applications for funding of up to £2,000 from any projects in Aberdeenshire that were promoting or facilitating education outdoors. We had some super responses, and are very pleased to announce that the following projects were successful in their application for funding, between them applying for and being approved for a total of £5,990 in funding:

  • Strathdon Primary School, forest school: £850: this will be used to provide opportunities for the pupils of Strathdon primary to develop self-confidence and a sense of purpose and achievement. They aim to achieve this whilst providing structure and training which forms an ideal precursor through the Adventure Service Challenge scheme, a precursor to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The funds will pay for outdoor learning tutors, first aid training and ASC record cards.
  • Networks of Wellbeing Ltd (cycling at Gordon Schools, Huntly): £1,700: this project will work with pupils and staff from the Support for Learning Department team within the Gordon Schools, Huntly, to deliver a cycle based project including basic bike maintenance prior to led cycle rides in the local countryside. converting toddlers bikes to 'balance bikes' to be donated to local nursery groups, as well as providing training for NoW staff to upgrade bike maintenance qualifications from Velotech Silver to Gold Award level. This project aims to address a gap in provision for pupils with additional needs with NoW agreeing to deliver the project within the SFL Department in the school.
  • Logie Coldstone Primary School for skiing, £900: Logie Coldstone is a very small school with only 22 pupils in all and team sport is thus not an option for the school. To bring the children together in a joint outdoor sporting activity and make the most of the area's natural ressources, this grant will pay half of the costs to take the pupils to their local ski centre, the Lecht. All 22 pupils from P1 to P7 will take part in the 2-day ski trip which includes ski instruction.
  • Aboyne Primary School - Cycle Training, £900: the grant from the Jo Walters Trust will support and improve the extracurricular cycling activities on offer at Aboyne Primary School, including mountain biking and cycle maintenance and repair,
  • Aberlour Trust - forest school, £1,640: The Aberlour Trust is a Scottish children’s charity, providing help to over 6000 of Scotland’s most vulnerable children, young people and their families each year, We have approved them for a grant which will pay for a staff member to undertake the Level 3 Forest Schools Practitioner award through Forest Schools Scotland. Once trained, staff will then be qualified to take small groups of young people into local forests, where they will get the opportunity to learn, play and explore outdoors, something many of the young people who are helped by the Aberlour Trust struggle to access but that their peers take for granted. The grant will also pay for 5 sets of waterproof clothing and footwear, plus rucksacks for use in forest environments. To download a copy of their report, click here

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