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2017 Maths Grant to Brackensdale Junior School

We received the following report from Laura Johnson of Brakensdale Junior School:


My school includes an Enhanced Resource facility for children with Autism and a high percentage (52%) of children with SEND. Our curriculum is designed to be as practical and meaningful as possible, as we have found that our children learn best when they are engaged in hands-on activities that link their learning with the real world. We decided, therefore, to apply for a grant which would allow us to purchase some new resources that could be used practically across a wide range of learning areas in maths. We had a particular focus on bringing more maths into our outdoor area, and so we purchased some Maths Challenge signs which our Site Manager placed all around school.

The first morning that the children saw the signs they were very excited and enjoyed running between the signs trying out all the new challenges. Without realising, they were applying their knowledge of number, measurement, multiplication and division and many other areas, and playing cooperatively with their friends at the same time. They were also eager to go back to them the next play time, which meant their attitudes towards maths are also becoming more positive. Another resource which we purchased with the grant was a class set of Base Ten. This allows the children to explore the concepts of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using concrete apparatus to demonstrate their ideas.

Through the use of this equipment, some of our learners who struggle with verbal communication have been able to demonstrate high levels of mathematical reasoning and problem solving by being asked to ‘prove’ their answers through the use of this equipment. We are very much looking forward to using more of the resources bought to carry out more practical maths activities. We are planning a problem solving and reasoning task where the children will need to use jugs that measure 3 or 4 spacilitres (alien unit of capacity) to make different capacities. They will be using the jugs and beakers to collect the correct capacities, and will need to apply their knowledge of addition and subtraction, as well as teamwork skills, to solve the task. Overall the resources are an excellent addition to our school and have already led to increased enjoyment, participation and problem solving and reasoning skills, and we are very much looking forward to seeing the impact they will continue to have throughout the school year.


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