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2017 Maths Grant - Kirkton of Largo Primary

We received the following report from the head teacher of Kirkton of Largo Primary School in Fife

Kirkton of Largo took delivery of our Maths Shed and contents in December after a delay with the supplying company. As it was a busy time in school at Christmas and the weather was very poor, we did not set it up until we came back to school this week.

There was great excitement, organising the shed and talking about how we could use the resources at different stages in the school. We spent time doing active maths outdoors and although it was cold, it didn't hamper the learning one bit, in fact, the children were very alert, motivated and enthusiastic.

We would like to thank the Jo Walters Trust for selecting us to have this excellent resource which will be enjoyed by our children now and for years to come. 

We will be happy to write more about this in the weeks to come but in the meantime here are some quotes from our pupils.
'We don't need to run in and out to get maths things - everything is where we need it.'
'It's great to get outside to do maths rather than being inside.'
'Maths in the playground is great. It encourages us to see maths in the real world.'
'I think the Maths Shed is really cool because all the things in it are all things to help us with maths. I love the flags and wooden log platforms and stones with numbers on it. The sticks are fantastic for measuring.'



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