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2017 Maths Grant - Hope Primary

We received the follwong thank you from Roisin Dean of Hope Prmary School

We have ordered the stock for our outdoor learning project from 3 places - Amazon, Cosy educational catalogue and YPO educational catalogue.

We are awaiting some of the equipment to arrive so have yet to set up the maths station fully. I have attached some images of the children making use of some of the equipment, they are thrilled to have it and it is lovely to hear them using mathematical language naturally as they 'play'.

The maths station play leaders are enjoying their role and it is nice to see their confidence in maths growing as a result of this.

Thank you very much for making this possible. We are only in the first stages of setting this up so I will send another update when it is fully up and running and of course you and anyone form the Jo Walters Trust are welcome to come and see the station in use, if ever you happen to be visiting the North West.



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