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Jo Walters Trust Maths Grant 2019

  • Would you like to inspire your students?
  • Do you have an idea that could raise attainment and promote a love of Maths?
  • Would a grant of £1000 help achieve this goal?


maths 3The Jo Walters Trust is offering a grant of up to £1,000 to support projects which help and inspire pupils to engage with mathematics.
Applicants are not expected to reinvent the wheel: ideas could include trips, workshops, competitions, an action-research project within the classroom, purchase of equipment. However we don’t want to constrain applications, so will welcome all novel and innovative ideas, large and small. However we are unikley to fund what schools and Local Authorities should themselves fund, such as teacher cover and CPD, smaller or extra classes or coaching small groups through the curriculum. 

For ideas, feel free to have a look at the successful applications from 2016, 2017 and 2018

Application Deadline 31st August 2019

Why is the Jo Walters Trust promoting Maths Education?

jo walters maths teacher

Joanna Walters wanted to be a Maths Teacher. This was not her first career: She only decided to do a Maths PGCE in her mid 20s following a degree in Spanish and Russian, a period of teaching Spanish in Kenya, and several successful years working in marketing for Google in Dublin. However, she had always had a talent for Maths, encouraged by her father who used grapes during tea time to teach her everything from basic counting, square numbers, all the way to Pi. She was passionate about finding ways to teach Maths that worked for individuals at any stage. She completed her PGCE and teaching practice with great feedback, and was so excited to be offered a job as a Maths teacher at Uckfield school near Brighton. She never got the chance to take up this post, however, as she was killed in a cycling accident just as she finished her PGCE in July 2010. The Jo Walters Trust was set up in her memory, seeking to celebrate her life and achievements as an inspirational person, teacher and motivator.

We believe that Jo would be proud to help others to share their passion for Maths and that is our reason for offering this grant. Good luck with your application

maths 1
Your application should be made using the form below and include:
  1. Your name and position.
    2. Contact email address.
    3. Name and type of institution you are attached to (if any).
    4. Details of your project proposal: what you want to do, with whom and in what timescales.
    5. How much money you require (up to £1,000) and a breakdown of how it will be used.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Application deadline: 31st August 2019.
    2. Please note, this grant is not aimed to subsidise school budgets so is not aimed at funding extra lessons, tutors or smaller classes.
    3. The winning applicant will be expected to submit a 200-1,000 word report on the project, including photos where applicable. Results will be published in Mathematics Teaching and on the Jo Walters Trust website.
    4. Open to UK projects for all age groups.
    5. The Judging Panel, consisting of representatives from the Jo Walters Trust and the Association of Teachers of Mathematics, will make a decision by 30th of September 2019.
    6. The Panel’s decision is final.
    7. The JWT is regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.
    8. Up to three grants, each of up to £1000 will be awarded.

Apply for a 2019 Aberdeenshire Grant

The application process is now closed. We'll be in touch with everyone who applied in due course with a timeline of when a decision will be made. 

In 2019 (as in previous years), a number of grants of up to £2,000 each will be made available by the Jo Walters Trust for people or organisations with a strong link to Aberdeenshire. This year, the trust is again inviting applications that will provide educational opportunities to people in the outdoors. 

We are calling for applications for outdoor educational projects as we have had some big successes in this area in the past and would like to help more projects that seek to educate using the outdoors. From the outward bound expeditions she did at school, to sailing adventures and her time in the OTC doing army training, Jo Walters was the product of plenty of time outdoors and believed it had huge benefits, both physical and mental. We know she would want more people to get the benefits from the outdoors that she did and so are keen to offer financial support to help this happen. 

Below are a few projects we have supported so far which might provide inspiration to anyone applying for a grant in 2019. You can see all the recipients of the last two years' of grants at the links below:

Some sample projects we have supported to date:

  • Forest schools - we funded training for staff, and the purchase of the equipment several Aberdeenshire schools (including Craigievar and Banchory-Devenick) needed to get a forest school going. The feedback we get from these schools has been extremely positive.

 craigievar primary forest school
  • Aboyne Academy Alternative Curriculum: the Jo Walters Trust paid for bike stands, expedition kit & 1st Aid kits to allow for more challenging bike trips with the pupils, as well as various tools for cycle maintenance which are also now building a soap box cartie utilising predominantly up-cycled materials. We look forward to seeing photos of their fully functioning, lean, mean soap box cartie racing machine!
Aboyne Alternative Curriculum Cycling Project copy
  • Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust: the Jo Walters Trust contributed to the cost of a rescue boat so that they could bring children from local schools out sailing throughout more of the year. The boat, below, is ready and they'll be up and running from the 20th of May.
 Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust dinghy
  • Peterhead Sea Cadets: this group needed a box trailer so that they could take equipment and cadets and do more activities. The Jo Walters Trust has funded the purchase of most of the trailer which they are already using. 
Peterhead Sea Cadets Trailer


To apply for one of the Jo Walters Trust Aberdeenshire grants in 2019, please fill in answers to the questions below. Do take your time to fill it in, and perhaps gather all the information elsewhere before filling it in here. We're keen to help you to apply, so if you have any questions do feel free to contact for advice or with questions.


The deadline for applications is 31st July 2019

Terms and Conditions:

Applicants must:

  • Show that their project will provide education in the outdoors
  • Have a strong connection to Aberdeenshire to qualify for the grant.
  • Show why the money is required to complete the project
  • Be willing to fund-raise up to half the amount required themselves.
  • Show a full breakdown of how the money will be spent.
  • Be willing to write a report of the project afterwards, ideally including photographs and video footage.
  • Be willing to come and speak on behalf of the trust to generate interest for future grants/fundraising events.

The Trust's decision as to who will receive the grants is final.

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