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The most recent articles from our blog are available below.  Click on any one of them to be taken to the full post.

  • Will Crawford's Loch Lomond 10km Swim

    Will Crawford's Loch Lomond 10km Swim Loch Lomond 10km Swim in aid of Jo Walters TrustOn the 2nd of September, a friend of Jo's from university, Will Crawford, swam 10km in Loch Lomond in (a very impressive) 3 hours and 20 minutes, and in doing so raised just under £1,000 for the Jo Walters Trust. Thank you very much Will! He wrote:Hi Lucy,Well I survived and still have a smile on my face despite the sore shoulders.It was a really incredible spot to go for a swim – just stunningly beautiful. And we were lucky enough to have great conditions - glassy calm water and zero wind,[…]

  • Kincardine Castle Working Week-End for the Jo Walters Trust

    Kincardine Castle Working Week-End for the Jo Walters Trust The 2017 Working Weekend for the Jo Walters TrustOne of the auction prizes at the Jo Walters Trust St Andrew's Ball in London in November 2016, was a 'Working Weekend at Kincardine Castle', extremely generously donated by Andie and Nicky Bradford. The fortunate winners spent what sounds like a wonderful week-end having a working house party at Kincardine in April 2017. Andie kindly sent us this write up of it - entirely my (Lucy's) fault that then took 2 months to get it on our blog...The 15 members of the ‘team’ organised by James Lake arrived on a fine Friday evening in April.[…]

  • Lucy's Arran Troon Swim Write Up

    Lucy's Arran Troon Swim Write Up At the end of August, Scotland was still feeling pretty warm and summery. By the time we actually did the swim, on the 1st of October (brrr!) the leaves were starting to turn and there was a distinct Autumnal hint in the air. All of the swimmers though agreed that it was still summer until we'd done the swim. Actually getting the swim started ended up being touch and go. Our chosen week turned out to be non stop gales, and our intended support boats had to pull out at the last minute which threw all our plans into disarray. In[…]

  • Arran Troon Swim - Barbara Johnston's write up

    Arran Troon Swim - Barbara Johnston's write up The good friends  I havesaidYou're mad to considerA swim in September.The sea's cold and rememberYou are not in the first flush of youth.I'm not quite decrepitI protested and told themFor a cause and a chancethat will not be repeatedI won't be defeated.As training progressed thoughMy confidence ebbedAs  team members moved onwards with speedBut  their encouragement cheered me, helped to assure meWhile jellyfish danced in my 'heed'The morning came ...earlyWe were suited and bootedI was nervous but anxious to goFor skippers, kayakers, coaches and sponsorsSupporters and mainly for JoWe just had to swim..and did so.Barbara JohnstonBarbara starting one of her swims

  • Grant to St Fergus Primary School for Leavers' Legacy Wall Bars

    Grant to St Fergus Primary School for Leavers' Legacy Wall Bars Grant to St Fergus Primary School for Leavers' Legacy Wall BarsUpdate from Louisa Bradford:I had the opportunity today to go and visit the result of one of last year’s grants.  We agreed to grant match a school in St. Fergus, near Peterhead, who wanted to raise money to buy an indoor climbing frame for the gym in their school as part of their Leavers’ Legacy.  The Primary 7 students who were leaving and moving to ‘Big School’ would be passing something on to the future students.  Previous projects for the school included revamping the school’s library and buying some playground[…]

  • Skillforce Aberdeenshire Grant Follow Up

    Skillforce Aberdeenshire Grant Follow Up By Louisa Bradford, who visited Skillforce, a project the Jo Walters Trust supported with one of the Aberdeenshire grants in 2014. I was lucky enough to be able to visit Skillforce at a school in Aberdeen towards the end of last year. The students, aged 13 and 14, were practising for their ‘It’s a Knockout’ tournament, a fun day for primary school children where teams would come and play games for points.  The Skillforce students would have to introduce their game, explain the rules and how points would be scored, and then adjudicate.  This session, they were focussing on the introduction[…]

  • Heather Woodward Runs the Morrisons Great Edinburgh Run for the JWT

    Heather Woodward Runs the Morrisons Great Edinburgh Run for the JWT A post from Heather Woodward who was in Jo's year and house at Gordonstoun, about running the Morrisons Great Edinburgh Run, in aid of the Jo Walters Trust, which she did last month (April 2015). We're really grateful to Heather for raising so much money - £872.50 - but also for her lovely write up of the run, and finding such an appropriate way to remember Jo. Thank you Heather!Heather Woodward, looking surprisingly cheerful for someone running uphill!I should start by saying I am not a runner. This time last year, running 10 meters was something of a challenge and[…]

  • New Head of Fundraising!

    New Head of Fundraising! The Jo Walters Trust is incredibly excited to be able to announce that we have filled the new fundraising role we advertised earlier in the year, and are thrilled to announce our head of fundraising will be Katie Peters. Katie currently lives in Aberdeenshire and has great experience of organising and running events across Scotland. She has joined the JWT team from November 2014, and is already planning some very exciting ideas for 2015. If you are interested in helping out or have ideas, you can contact Katie by email at

  • Athens Marathon for Jo Walters Trust

    Athens Marathon for Jo Walters Trust Out of the blue a month or two ago we got a notification from our BT MyDonate account that someone had set up a fundraising page for the Jo Walters Trust to run the Athens marathon. After a bit of digging it turned out to be not one, but two chaps, James Cameron-Cooper and Jimmy Philippson, who were brave enough to attempt to follow in the footsteps of Pheidippides, though hopefully not with the same end result.James and Jimmy with the Jo Walters Trust banner in AthensThe great news is that they not only completed this very tough marathon, they[…]

  • Helping the Chauncy Maples Deliver Healthcare in Malawi

    Helping the Chauncy Maples Deliver Healthcare in Malawi This blog post is written by one of the Jo Walters Trust trustees, Thomas Walters, who has championed the Chauncy Maples cause.Since making our donation to the M/V Chancy Maples restoration, matters have progressed well.  For those that have not heard about the project, the donation made by the Jo Walters Trust at the beginning of the year was in aid of the Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust which is renovating Africa’s oldest ship into a mobile clinic on Lake Malawi. The M/V Chauncy Maples will bring much-needed healthcare to remote villages where malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS are common. Improving people’s[…]



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