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Boxing Day to Hogmanay December 2020

Everyone loves the idea of a family Boxing Day walk, but the reality is often overtaken by turkey leftovers, the lure of the new presents and re-runs of The Snowman. In December 2020, we came together virtually to walk as many miles as we could to raise money and have a nice time for the Jo Walters Trust. We had initially hoped to walk a combined total of 500 miles or so - the distance from where Jo grew up in Aberdeenshire, to Bristol where she went to University, but in the end we managed over 1000, and raised £2,983.25 for the trust - to put this into context, it should fund our annual round of Maths grants for 2021.


The trustees are so incredibly grateful to all the walkers, mince pie eaters, ploggers, scavenger hunters - and hugely importantly - the wonderfully generous people who sponsored all the above!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!


On the important point of prizes - the prize committee, after deliberated long and hard came to their final decisions as follows:

  • The prize for furthest distance walked (6 jars of award winning marmalade from Kincardine Castle Kitchen): Hugh Lort-Phillips.
  • Most mince pies consumed (2 x Mr Roberelli CDs of your choice) - Team Socks and Sandalls
  • Best Plog-olution Plogging (some chocolate brownies again from Kincardine Kitchen): Team Bristol (Gilly Hanking-Evans).

Boxing Day to Hogmanay

We're so pleased this has been such a success - it was lovely to share something (outdoors!) with friends, family and supporters despite the many restrictions at the moment.

We feel Jo would definitely have approved. Well done everyone. And stay tuned to do it again in 2021!



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