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Jo Walters Trust Sponsor Kerry MacPhee for Glasgow 2014

Kerry MacPheeThe Jo Walters Trust is really proud to have sponsored one of the athletes for the Commonwealth Games, Kerry MacPhee, paying for the wheels and groupset (the gears and brakes etc) for her mountain bike with a grant of £2,000. Kerry is from the isle of South Uist, in the Outer Hebrides where Jo Walters went on holiday nearly every year of her life. We felt Jo would be really keen to support someone from the island in memory of the wonderful times she'd spent there. It is particularly exciting as Kerry is the first ever female athlete from the Hebrides to take part in the Commonwealth Games.

Kerry's route to becoming a Commonwealth Games competitor was not typical. She moved to Stirling initially to study at the university and graduated with a BSc in Physical Education and an MSc in Sport Management. While there she took up triathlon 3 years ago, joining the local triathlon club and has continued to go from strength to strength, particularly in mountain biking. In June she qualified for the Commonwealth Games and will be taking part in the Mountain Biking events.

As well as her training, she is also involved in many other worthwhile occupations. She coaches regularly with Stirling triathlon club as well as mentoring younger tri-athletes. She is proving to be a positive role model to young aspiring athletes as well as young people in general who are looking to lead a healthier, active lifestyle. She is currently in part-time employment with Alzheimer Scotland and Beaconhurst School.

We are keeping everything crossed for Kerry and wish her the best of luck when she competes in in the Mountain Bike Cross Country on the 29th July at Cathkin Braes in Glasgow. We know that Jo, who was a keen cyclist as well as being devoted to South Uist, would have been thrilled to be able to support Kerry.

To read more about Kerry's Journey and find out how to cheer her on, use the links below:

Social Media:


BBC TV Show:

She will be the subject of a BBC Alba 1 hour documentary called Bliadhna Kerry (Kerry's Journey) which will be shown on the 28th July at 9pm, and repeated on the 29th July at 10pm.



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