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House on Wheels

Mr Roberelli's Debut Album, including our household favourite 'A Goat Called Ken' and the eponymously titled 'Mr Roberelli'. The best introduction for budding fans...

Mr Roberelli is a group of musicians from New Zealand who write fun, witty and entertaining songs for children. The HUGE plus is that they are also appealing to the grown ups too.

House on Wheels is the 1st album, and with lyrics such as 'And if you want to go to Timbuktoo You've got to tie the laces on a leopard's shoe', it will have you and your children singing along and crying out for more. Oh, and if you don't yet know what a Tardigrade is, you'll know pretty much all there is to know just by listening to one song...


Track List:

  • I Have A Cousin Who Is Only One
  • Matching Shoes
  • Tardigrade (I'm Tiny But I'm Spry)
  • The Creepy Crawly Crew
  • L-i-b-r-a-r-y
  • A Goat Called Ken
  • Doctor, Doctor (The Cowboy Song)
  • Ballerina One
  • The Yurt Song (House On Wheels)
  • Spiders And Dragons
  • Flap, Flap
  • Never Lie On A Ukulele
  • Sally and Michael
  • Rosenblitz
  • Mr Roberelli (Crime Fighter)


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Also available to Download...

The Jo Walters Trust is selling these CDs as a means of raising funds to support our projects. We do know that these days, however, many people prefer getting their music digitally and so you can buy a digital version of one of these albums from iTunes by clicking the link below.  While it won't make the same amount for the Jo Walters Trust, we will receive a small percentage back from Apple, at no extra cost to you. We appreciate your support either way!

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